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Biking is Back!

Bike Share Philadelphia

The time to enjoy the outdoors is finally here, and one of the best ways to do that is on a bike. There are plenty of options out there that will get you geared up.

Thinking About Getting a Dog?

Pet Friendly Apartments in Philadelphia

Korman Residential is proud to be one of the most pet-friendly property management companies in the Philadelphia metro area. Our pets are members of our family, too, and they deserve a great place to live and play.

Spring Cleaning Never Looked So Good

Spring Cleaning Apartment For Rent

The sky will soon seem brighter, walkways will be clear, and just about everything else will feel open and beautiful. While mother nature cleans up outside, it’s up to us to clean up inside, so here are some apartment Spring cleaning strategies.

Let’s Talk Gardening!

Common Ground Community Garden

Before you know it, our snow-covered Common Ground Community Gardens will once again be filled with delicious summer produce, herbs and beautiful flowers. It makes us feel warmer just thinking about it, but we also know that the time to prepare is now.

Spacious Apartments Redefined

Micro Apartment

Micro Apartments are becoming more and more popular across the US, as more and more Americans discover what other countries have already come to realize - less is more!

Make Valentine's Day Your Own

Valentines Day Ideas

Setting aside a day to celebrate romance, reconnect and express our appreciation for our loved ones is something that all couples can do, even if you’re not a “roses and chocolates” type of person. Here are some ideas that you can do right from your apartment.

Cooking Lessons from Korman Residential's Modernista Apartment Kitchen


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Korman Modernista Apartment

Here is a cooking lesson on how to make a quick and delicious dip, right from Korman Residential's stylish Modernista Apartment kitchen!

Indoor Activities for Dogs


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Korman Pet Friendly Apartments

While sufficient outdoor exercise is part of the gold standard of keeping our dogs happy and healthy, there are days when circumstances just won’t allow it. Fortunately, there are some indoor activities we can do with our four-legged friends that will provide the exercise and mental stimulation they need on those days that we just can’t get outside.

Fun Facts About Fresh Air


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Korman Residential Smoke-Free Apartments

Air is essential to life. We breathe it every second of every day and the cleaner it is, the healthier we are. At Korman Residential, we believe that everyone should be able to breathe fresh air. That’s why we were the first property management company to offer smoke-free apartments in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Laundry: Laid Out

Apartment with Washer Dryer

Looking for an apartment with a washer and dryer? Laundry options can vary depending on where you live. Here are some facts, tips, and solutions to help you out.